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Ralph Lauren, the company is engaged in the design, marketing and distribution of products, including men, women and children's clothing, accessories (including footwear), spices and home furnishings. The company has three areas: wholesale, retail and franchise. Clothing products include a series of men, women and children's clothing. Accessories include a series of shoes, glasses, watches, jewelry, hats, belts, handbags, leather goods, bags. Product coordination of domestic companies including bedding and bath products, furniture, fabric and ralph lauren outlet uk wallpaper, paint, desktop and gifts. The flavour of the product is the big pony, in the sale of romantic, polo, Lauren, Safari, Ralph and black brand, which. I am launching Polo Ralph Lauren for women and opening a store, but I wanted to show that the two worlds are the same, said Mr. Lauren, who gave a second dimension to his elegant Ralph Lauren Uk presentation on Thursday, which was played out in pastel colors, easy fur pieces and draped, almost Grecian dresses. They followed a more girlie path than Polo's upscale hippie trail, a vision of the ralph lauren outlet 1970s that opened the runway show. Think plaids, brightly colored cardigans and a long dress with a pattern like a Kilim rug. Add jaunty berets, Mary Janes and a pair of Day-Glo down jackets to hit the 21st century. It may be tough to make the new line as iconic and basic, yet instantly identifiable, as Polo Ralph Lauren for men. The presentation on Thursday looked like a child-and-mom show. The main line was so gentle and genteel that the shades of lavender, lilac and mauve, fading to gray, and the tailored pants with cashmere sweaters and fur throws, seemed just right for Kim Basinger, sitting front row.

Unemployed single mother on benefits who spends $2,000 on Christmas with 20 presents for each of her children While many families are worrying about how to afford Christmas this year, one jobless single mother has revealed she receives so much in benefits she has $2,000 to spend on designer gifts, clothes and partying.Mother-of-two Leanna Broderick plans to buy 20 presents for each of her children, including Burberry and Ralph Lauren outfits, iPads and gold jewellery.The 20-year-old, who has never worked, claims nearly $15,500 a year in state handouts. She claims she is better off on cheap ralph lauren shirts benefits and would not get a job unless she could continue her luxury lifestyle, which includes designer outfits, holidays abroad, clubbing, lunches out and expensive gifts for her daughters Zelekah, two, and Zakirah, one. Last year, I saved $2,500 and my kids had 50 presents each, including Burberry and Ralph Lauren clothes outlet and dolls, DVDs and CDs. This year, Ive saved $2,000 and theyll get 20 presents each, including iPads and a new Disney-themed bedroom to share, with designer wall art and bed linen, she said. She is also buying gold earrings for Zelekah, who has pierced ears, and keeping $300 ralph lauren outlet online for the sales and $150 for a New Years Eve outing. Miss Broderick, who left school at 16 with no GCSEs, said: I dont care if people get annoyed. I dont take advantage, I just choose to save its smart. She said there was no point earning less in a minimum wage job and having to pay for childcare on top. After becoming pregnant at 17 with her on-off 23-year-old boyfriend, Miss Broderick was allocated a temporary three-bed council house. When Zelekah was eight months old she considered working in care, but then became pregnant again by the same man. Now split from the girls father, she has a new two-bedroom council flat in Croydon, South London, with a garden, which is paid for by her $111 weekly housing benefit part of $1,290 a month total claim. She said: I didnt want to miss out on my kids childhoods or have cheap polo ralph lauren someone else raise them. Im not one of those girls who gets pregnant for the benefits. The money for Christmas comes from the $250 she saves each month, which she said shows she is really responsible. She adds: Anyone who thinks people on benefits dont deserve nice things is talking rubbish. I work 24/7 as a mother. This way, taxpayers know Im raising two well-brought-up kids. But she admits Christmas might not be so lavish next year because of the Governments benefit cuts. Im not against the cuts, but only if the Government helps me find a job, she said. In the meantime, Ill stay on benefits and get as much as I can out of it.

Ralph Lauren staged - yes - runway shows for children, including for the first time the boys and girls, some famous parents. Before the performance, the participants talk in Library marble hall, and Hamburg slider disk, mini grilled cheese and citrus punch service. When Ali Wentworth said that the stars of the evening: "it is all about them. Even Hamburg is too small for me." (although the white Wine some thirsty parents.) "She was more excited to stay up late than what all important, said:" Edie Falco, pointing to her six year old daughter, Messi, to make some changes before the polo ralph lauren outlet display is who (she won't walk in it). "Look on the runway of these children is a luxury. They are amazing." She turned around, there are some strange phenomena in the air: all children are very good. There is no suitable. No one is bouncing off the walls. The children in this program did not differ from those who walk in this. "I feel very relaxed," said Uma Thurman, who is the host for the evening. The children's program is something of a tradition of Ralph Lauren. "The first people in our program is Jennifer Connelly," said David Lauren, Ralph Lauren's son and an executive vice president at the company. "You never know where the occupation career may launch. Alicia is her son. We develop some talent." The other kids just want to shop. "When our invitation, this year, they say, 'Oh, my God, we have to go," Ms. Wentworth said, referring to her daughter, age 11 and 8. "They like Ralph Lauren fashion show. They checked." Minor model has a tough task: go, back from the end of the runway, a be hardly worthy of belief under heat lamps in front of 200 people. "This is a long corridor," Mr. Lauren said. "Especially when you're 2 feet high. This polo outlet uk is almost a block." When the children come out (61 for fall 2014 Ralph Lauren Children Series), they received a warm applause. A bow, Ralph Lauren out of their own, two children: Ms. bond's son, Egypt, and the king of Angela, Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang's 5 year old daughter, in China reality TV star. Later, actors from the "Matilda" two songs and candy candy bar out, Dylan. With the clock now pushing past 8 in the afternoon, the children finally lose your cool? It's out of the question. Ms. bond to seize the small bag Egyptian Red candy, who began to be sleepy straws., went out. They are behind a small boy and girl in Ralph Lauren, who was cleaning the room, quietly jumped out of the public library.

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